OLE Consulting prides itself on it’s deep experience and expertise. We cherish the connections we make with clients and the support and partnerships they extend. We are proud of our international exposure, our cultural fluency and flawless track record for results.  Above all, we exist to:

  • Build the confidence, competence and presence of senior leaders
  • Enable senior leaders to deliver superior performance and results
  • Prime leaders to find purpose, pride, passion and progress in their work lives
  • Support our client organizations as they engage, develop, mobilize and retain senior leadership talent
  • Provide expert advice – assessment and development – to aid succession planning
  • Help our clients build high-performance cultures
  • Balance our international work to stay at the cutting-edge with a desire to deliver leading-edge, culturally appropriate solutions for our GCC clients
  • Contribute with humility and confidence to the Leadership Performance mandate that helps drive the GCC’s growth strategy

Our Proprietary Leadership Value Stack Model

OLE Consulting has developed deep expertise to help our senior leaders and clients acquire the mindset, skills, behaviors and habits critical for success at the top. Our proprietary Leadership Value Stack provides structure and guidance during our leadership consulting processes.


We Deliver Through:

  • Leadership assessment
  • Executive coaching
  • In-classroom experiences
  • Targeted skills training
  • Action research
  • Business applications
In the words of Marshall Goldsmith, ”What got you here won’t take you there”. The transition from front line supervisor to middle manager and on to executive will require deep transition in terms of mindest, work values and priorities, behaviors and skills. OLE Consulting consultants have made this transition and helped other do the same. Our propriety Leadership Value Stack provides insight into the emotional, behavioral and social skills required for success at the top.