Do you have control of your organizational and leadership life? Do you come across as composed, balanced and confident? Energetic, proactive and piqued? Likeable, collegiate and warm? Are you socially and behaviorally fluent? Do you build the relationships and networks most critical for leadership success?

Accomplished leaders have taken control of their own destinies at work. Leveraging deep self-awareness, they channel their energy and motivations appropriately, they know what to say and when to say it, they influence with style and build the relationships and networks most critical for success.

Leaders with Emotional, Social and Behavioral Intelligence recognize that leadership is a team game. They have become skilled in the art of “reading others” and leverage this ability to build trust, empathy and collegiality. They chose wisely at defining moments and select the right behaviors at the right time and for the right result.

Both the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills that drive Emotional, Behavioral and Social Intelligence can be learned and they can be taught and mastered. OLE Consulting leverages a robust and progressive integrated Behavioral Style and Emotional Intelligence tool to enable leaders to assess their strengths and weaknesses, benchmark themselves against other leaders and build an action plan to deliver growth in this important area.

OLE Consulting delivers emotional, behavioral and social growth through targeted training and development, skill-building courses and importantly, through personal consultations and executive coaching.

If you want to show-up as confident, composed and controlled, present, polished and poised, influential and warm, then OLE Consulting is poised to help you get to the next level.