A critical success factor for any CEO is the creation and optimization of a highly effective top team. Research and experience continuously demonstrates that top teams that fuse around a powerful blend of competence, mutual accountability, synergy and chemistry are a source of competitive advantage.

At OLE Consulting, we define a top team as “A set of executives who are jointly accountable for providing strong leadership around the strategic, operational and institutional goals of their organization in pursuit of enterprise-wide business performance and wealth creation”.

Creating and optimizing a top team is a complex process – right people, right competencies, right goals, right systems and processes with the right chemistry – and requires deft handling.

OLE Consulting leverages a powerful diagnostic processes to generate a firm understanding of the business and organizational context, the constitution of the team and its mandate, its SWOT analysis and critical success factors.

Through a powerful mix of assessment, consulting, facilitation and individualized and team-level coaching, we develop higher degrees of engagement, mutual accountability, clarity and synergy. We partner with the senior team to remove roadblocks to performance and help the team play to its strengths. We establish robust systems and processes, solid checks and balances to ensure governance and stability and entrench winning behaviors through an aligned top team culture and climate.