Do you light up the room? Own it? Project gravitas? Inspire others?

The ability to look, sound and act like a world-class executive is a critical skill for any ambitious leader – leaders who want to be seen as confident, composed and compelling, present, polished and poised, effective, ethical and elegant.

Leaders who possess and exhibit Executive Presence step-up and stand-out, they make an immediate impact; they own the room and all of their conversations and presentations are heard and have an impact.

Above all, these leaders leverage Executive Presence to impel themselves to be the best they can be and to compel others to aspire and achieve – in short, they make a difference for themselves and others and a contribution that has a wide-ranging and highly-positive impact.

Executive Presence starts with a mindset that “I am an Executive, therefore I must project composure and leverage my presence to make a difference”. It involves non-verbal aspects, such as the personal aesthetic and the skillful use of body language. It relies upon powerful verbal strategies that drive powerful conversations on critical business issues and opportunities up, down and across the organization. It is amplified through knock-out presentations that inspire, impel and propel hearts and minds.

Executive Presence can be learned and it can be taught. Leveraging a proprietary model, personalized assessment, and powerful planning and development tools, OLE Consulting partners with senior leaders to develop the mindset, skills, behaviors and habits required to take their Executive Presence to the next level.

A combination of personalized assessment, training and coaching, enables leaders to grow their Executive Presence in pursuit of exemplary executive performance.

If you would like to step-up and stand-out, lead with greater power, influence and warmth and make a greater contribution at the top of your organization, then OLE Consulting would be privileged to partner with you.