Are you ready to lead at the peak? Have you convinced yourself and others that you can effectively and elegantly make the transition? Have you built a C-caliber career profile, and a compelling narrative around it? And optimize in an executive role? Do you have the confidence, character and competence required to fulfill the mandate of the executive role?

Executive Readiness – belief that you are ready, willing and able to transition to, and optimize in, an executive position – is critical for any leader determined to lead at the peak.

Proving to yourself and critical others that you have assembled the 6 Cs of Executive Readiness – Credentials, Career profile, Confidence, Competencies, Character and Charisma – becomes the mandate.

The Board, sitting CEO and selection committees will ask: Can you do the job? Will you be passionate and persevering in the job? Will you exhibit the power, presence and likeability required? Will you fit with and help drive the desired culture? Can you inspire our people to excel? Will you light up the room and own the stage?

No job, school or course can prepare you for an executive position. The nature of the job, its mandate and realities are unprecedented but with a firm understanding of what the role demands and the development required, your likelihood of success can be increased.

OLE Consulting partners with CXO candidates to build the 6 Cs of Executive Readiness. Experience and exposure are gained, confidence is bolstered and charisma enhanced, mindset, skills and behaviors acquired, and a personal brand is built – a brand that says “I am ready to lead at the peak”.

Are you ready, willing and able to lead at the peak? Do you think, feel, look, sound and act like a world-class executive?

If CEO Readiness is the final developmental step in your route to a top job, if you are passionate about an executive role, if you are willing to invest in that final step, then OLE Consulting will share your passion, partner with you on the journey and stay piqued to serve you and celebrate your success.