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OLE Consulting is based in Dubai and leverages a wide range of industry experts, leading academics and seasoned management consultants to ensure each assignment is staffed with the right mix of individuals to ensure clients have a great experience and a great result.

Marcella McCann – Managing Director

Marcella is a seasoned marketing and business development expert with broad EMEA experience. From a pharmaceutical industry background, she has held senior business development, marketing and management positions with the likes of Roche, Pharmacia and Lundbeck. Marcella has managed national sales teams-recruiting, building and mobilizing teams in pursuit of sales performance and results. Having studied Biochemistry at undergraduate level, she specialized in Marketing at post-graduate level. Marcella manages all client management services and is the primary point of contact for our clients for all course pre-work and administration.

Dr. Brendan McCann – Lead Partner

Dr. Brendan is a career management consultant who has worked at two UK Universities and for two leading Management Consultancies. After 13 very happy years at Mercer as a senior consultant in the UK, US, Eastern Europe and MENA, Brendan founded OLE (Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness) Consulting in Dubai where he has the privilege of serving a prestigious client list of indigenous, international PLCs and Family Businesses. Brendan currently has dedicated coaching relationships with seven CEOs and 10 CEO candidates. His academic and practitioner work has always been focused on organizational behaviour, organizational communications and leadership effectiveness. He is passionate about equipping senior leaders with the competence, confidence and presence they need to be successful in their roles and careers. A proud family man, football fanatic and foodie, Brendan lives to drag his family to the park to play football then to an eaterie to recover.


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