Progressive Leaders ask themselves:

  • Do I exhibit an intentional and authentic leadership style?
  • Have I mastered the fundamentals – mindset, skills and behaviors – to fulfill my leadership mandate?
  • Do you engage key stakeholders around the company vision and strategy?
  • Have you inspired your people to be the best they can be?
  • Do you drive performance up, down and across the organization?
  • Am I building the career equity required to get to the next level?

Leadership Smarts Program; Purpose and Objectives:

This practical and inspiring three-day program is structured around the three classic leadership domains:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others: Individuals and Teams
  • Leading the Organization

Participants complete a 360 degree assessment tool and a psychometric instrument prior to attending the program and are supported by a powerful Individualized Development Plan co-developed over the course of the program.

An optimal blend of self-reflection and planning, group discussions, expert presentations, case studies and role plays and highly focused skill-building modules underpins the program. Peer and expert coaching supports the learning process and enables participants to build an action plan for immediate success back at the workplace.

Workshop Objectives: 

  • Develop an intentional and authentic leadership style
  • Build a compelling leadership vision and career legacy
  • Accelerating personal readiness for the leadership role
  • Personal effectiveness – effective time and energy management
  • Build leadership capability by completing targeted skill-building modules:
    • Driving performance
    • Communicating for impact
    • Coaching for performance gains
    • Setting a high performance culture
    • Difficult conversations
    • Influencing with integrity
    • High-impact talent management
    • Managing up
    • Lateral leadership
  • Develop a powerful Individualized Development Plan to drive continuous improvement