Accomplished and ambitious leaders ask themselves:

  • Have I rounded-out my CV and track record sufficient to defend it and position it as CEO-ready?
  • Am I ready in myself to make the investments, trade-offs and take the decisions and actions required of a world-class CEO?
  • Are my Emotional and Social Intelligence and Executive Presence where they needs to be to convince world-class professionals from the world of business and the media that I look, sound and act like an authoritative executive.
  • Can I play the myriad of roles and serve the multiple stakeholders involved in the executives life
  • Can I build the relationships and networks required for success in an executive role?
  • Are my problem-solving skills – business, commercial, political, operational and leadership – where they need to be?
  • Have I built a robust development plan that will enable me to transition to and excel in an executive position?

Executive Readiness Development Center Workshop Overview:

This workshop is one of a kind – supportive, feedback-intensive, dynamic and highly practical. We bring circa ten executives who are genuine C-level candidates and challenge them through multiple assessment and development activities.

The program requires the participants to become the acting CEO of a CASE STUDY company created by OLE Consulting – an Investment Company with major interests in the Healthcare space. In a turbulent day for the company, including an insider trading case, the resignation of the CFO and a patient death at one of the hospital assets, the CEO faces numerous problem-solving scenarios and media interviews. The participant is also interviewed for the permanent CEO position by a high-powered selection committee.

The candidate receives both preparation support and comprehensive feedback for all activities. Key events and processes are also video-taped and debriefed with the participant and an experienced executive coach.

Discussion groups, a video case study, a psychometric tool and a targeted speech by a notable CEO brings this program alive and ensures that the development plan set for each individual is robust, objective and practical.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Enhance self-awareness and self-mastery skills within the context of an executive role
  • Understand the nature, challenges, imperatives and demands of the executive role
  • Self-assess against a robust executive success profile and against the powerful participant peer group
  • Sharpen executive-level communications skills across multiple activities and with multiple stakeholders – media interviews with real-life practitioners, actors playing C-level colleagues, and real players from the world of business
  • Identify the personal behavioral risks that could weaken your reputation, credibility or performance at the executive level
  • Build the character and competencies required to handle pivotal and complex executive interactions
  • Build a robust development plan to inform, drive and cement your Executive Readiness

Due to the cost and logistics of this workshop, we run it three times per year – Dubai (UAE), London (UK) and Atlanta (USA).