Progressive leaders ask themselves:

  • Do I understand how my emotions impact my behaviors at work?
  • Am I able to maintain confidence, composure, motivation and poise in pressurized times?
  • Can I read others sufficient to build reciprocity, empathy, trust and respect?
  • Am I seen as a balanced, reliable, intuitive and empathetic manager?

Emotional Intelligence Workshop Purpose and Objectives:

This highly practical workshop leverages a powerful model of Emotional Intelligence and a corresponding assessment tool to enable leaders to establish a baseline of emotional intelligence and build the specific skills, behaviors and habits required to grow their competence in this key area.

You will receive a personalized report that benchmarks your proficiency in the five competencies of Emotional Intelligence against global normative data. We will help you build a road map and action plan to develop your overall Emotional Intelligence and equip you with the know-how to put that into practice.

A personalized assessment report and action plan, customized case studies, role plays and group exercises bring this workshop to life. Real-life video-clips from the world of sport, politics and movies educate and entertain, and dynamic presentation and facilitation keeps the energy, focus and pragmatism high.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Build an understanding of Emotional Intelligence – its origins, application and potential
  • Describe the emotional and behavioral competencies that drive optimal leadership performance
  • Leverage a powerful personal assessment tool to grow self awareness within the context of Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand your motives and the drivers of your workplace engagement and satisfaction
  • Build the skill set to manage and mobilize personal impulses, moods and energy levels
  • Build a powerful “reading others” skill-set and toolkit sufficient to meet people where they are, build empathy and deep connections with critical others
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence to provide performance and corrective feedback
  • Bolster your persuasion and influencing skills and toolkit
  • Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to build cohesive and productive teams
  • Plan to enhance the quality of your relationships and networks at work
  • Commit to a personalized action plan to take your Emotional Intelligence to the next level