Ambitious and reflective leaders ask themselves:

  • Do I present myself with gravitas? As confident and composed, as polished and poised?
  • Do I command immediate respect? Do people listen when I speak?
  • Do I own the room, fill it? Light it up?
  • Does my personal brand say “Respect me, trust me, empower me”?
  • Do I possess an influential and charismatic leadership style?

Executive Presence Workshop Purpose and Objectives:

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to assess, explore and grow your Executive Presence in ways that fit your organizational context, leadership mandate and your career goals. Experience an engaging, dynamic and practical workshop that will help you build the Executive Presence mindset, skills and behaviors required for success.

You will receive a highly usable and useful personalized report on your behavioural style, a self- assessment and an individualized development plan against OLE Consulting’s proprietary Executive Presence model. We will ensure that you have the roadmap and know-how to implement your action plan in order to realize your desired Executive Presence.

Best practice reviews, engaging and entertaining video clips, role-plays and group work and a video-taped montage of you in action (in group exercises and when presenting) bring the program alive.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of what Executive Presence is and how to get it
  • Leverage your personalized behaviorist style report to establish your baseline Executive Presence and build an action plan to get to the next level
  • Augment your professional impact, power and influence by completing targeted modules on the six key dimensions of Executive Presence, specifically:
    • Developing a compelling personal brand
    • Positioning yourself as a thought leader
    • Building a powerful network – inside and outside of your organization
    • Building your power and influence base and skill-sets
    • Developing personal agility and adaptability
    • Communicating and presenting with impact and style
    • Commit to a personalized action plan to take your Executive Presence to the next level