Transitioning and new leaders ask themselves: 

  • Do I understand my behavioral style at work?
  • Do I know how my behavioral style impacts my personal brand and reputation? My credibility? The impact it has on others?
  • Can I flex my style to adapt to changing contexts, cultures and circumstances?
  • Does my behavioral style enable me to influence others?

Workshop Purpose and Objectives:

This progressive workshop leverages a powerful personalized assessment tool to profile your personal motivations, behavioral hierarchy (how deep-rooted personal preferences affect the behaviors you use most at work and how they shape your strengths and weaknesses) and behavioral style. You’ll experience a series of case study and role play activities to build your ability to flex your natural behavioral style and adapt to changing scenarios and desired goals. Video excerpts from the world of politics, business and sport enliven this workshop and the drive for improved leadership performance keeps it practical, relevant and immediate.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Develop a deep understanding of personal behavioral style
  • Build the capacity and skills necessary to flex your style and adapt to changing people, contexts and circumstances
  • Understand how context shapes human interactions, connectivity and outcomes
  • Sharpen your ability to read and understand others – their motivations and behavioral style
  • Leverage Behavioral Intelligence to hone critical leadership competencies:
    • Empathic maturity and agility
    • Communication skills
    • Influencing skills
    • Relationship management
    • Emotional coaching
  • Leverage these skills to improve your performance in these leadership scenarios:
    • Change leadership
    • Talent management
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Team building
    • Managing conflict
    • Presentation, negotiating and selling skills
  • Structure the aesthetic and non-verbal “you” to grow your presence, gravitas and impact