Ambitious and reflective Leaders ask themselves:

  • Do I understand my organizational culture and climate sufficient to plan and target my communications?
  • Do my leadership communications come across as effective? Authentic? Engaging? Inspirational?
  • Do my leadership communications translate the company vision and strategy for my employees? Align action? Enable employees to connect what they think, feel and do with the bigger picture?

High-Impact Leadership Communication Skills Purpose and Objectives:

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to assess, explore and grow your Leadership Communication skills in ways that fit your organizational context, leadership mandate and your career goals. Experience an engaging, dynamic and practical workshop that will help you plan to deliver high-impact leadership communication.

You will receive a highly usable and useful personalized report on your communication style, a self- assessment and an individualized development plan against OLE Consulting’s proprietary High-Impact Leadership Communications model. We will ensure that you have the roadmap and know-how to implement your action plan in order to help you take your leadership communications to the next level.

A personalized report and development plan, engaging and entertaining video clips, role-plays and group work and a video-taped montage of you in action (in group exercises and when presenting) during the program bring the program alive.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Review the role of organizational and leadership communications in the high-performing organization
  • Understand the leadership competencies and behaviors most critical for high-impact communications
  • Understand your personal leadership communication style
  • Learn how to use a powerful communication planning and strategy design toolkit
  • Learn how to produce “killer” presentations – and “stand and deliver” them
  • Broaden your persuasion and influencing skill-set and toolkit
  • Have more effective dialogues up, down and across the organization
  • Become more aware of the power of non verbal communication and intentional in how you use non-verbal communications to enliven your communications and connect with others
  • Learn the art of listening, inquiry and effective questioning
  • Commit to a personalized action plan to take your Leadership Communications to the next level